iPhone Giveaway 2020 – Don’t miss an opportunity to win iPhone

Having an iPhone is a dream of everyone, but lots of users haven’t enough bucks to purchase. It doesn’t mean that they can’t afford, but when they can acquire a free iPhone 11 in a free iPhone Giveaway Contest then who needs to buy. Nowadays, a variety of offers are floating across the web to offer free mobile devices. Believe me, most of them are fake and don’t give you anything but a waste of time.

Finding a real and authentic source could be a tricky job, but the result will be fruitful. In this article, we won’t only offering you a chance to test your luck but will make sure you will be the winner. Nowadays, it’s a common thing that is having one of the most popular brands like iPhone mobiles, and searching a way to have it is a natural thing. People who are intending to obtain a brand like the iPhone for a long time can seize this outstanding opportunity.

iPhone Giveaway


You might know leaving the interest of having an iPhone for people isn’t possible. So, guys, are you ready for a surprise? If yes, get available for a fascinating chance of winning a brand new iPhone 11 from iPhones-Giveaways.com. Yes, we’re offering brand new phones to our users absolutely at no cost.

To grab this fantastic deal, you should need to follow a few terms and conditions that apply to it. As a promotional offer of iPhone X, diehard fans of Apple brands can obtain their devices by merely using it here. With a Free iPhone X Giveaway campaign, the developer person will be rewarded by a featured-full iPhone X.

To partake in this Free Giveaway iPhone Real, you should have to follow the terms and conditions. Depending on the procedure, the lucky person will be selected for the iPhone X giveaway, and they will be awarded free brand new phones. Before going ahead, there is some further information for you in regards to the iPhone. After knowing the aspects and lots of features, there won’t be any who would like to leave this opportunity of free acquiring a free iPhone.

iPhone Giveaway: Introduction of iPhone X

iPhone X is serving as the latest smartphone specially designed and developed by Apple Inc. It was considered as the 11th generation of iPhone series and was released on 12 Sep 2017. The phone was intended to display what the company recognized the latest future’s technology.

Therefore, making use of glass and stainless-steel and bezel-less design, the phone hasn’t a chin, unlike Android smartphones. You would be happy to know that it was considered as the first mobile phone that made use of an OLED screen. Unlike previous generations, the home button was replaced with a new feature, known as Face ID, which uses the sensors to scan the face of the user to unlock the device brilliantly.

Now, users of the iPhone can navigate the operating system using the gestures, instead of the home button found in previous devices. At the time of release, the price of the game was $999, and it was considered as the most expensive phone at that time.

Introduction of Face ID

It is the first phone to introduce the authentic Face ID, and for this, the developers implanted lots of powerful sensors to scan the user’s face to unlock the device. Like previous devices of the series, users are capable of setting one four possible locks like Fingerprint, Face ID, Swipe, and Keylock. The addition of Face ID makes it the world’s most secure device ever. Stay safe with this feature and never stop others from using your phones. With newly introduced features, it is one of the most selling devices on the market.

The new piece of technology is equipped with a 5.8-inch super retina display screen that will be good for your eyes. The Retina screen with high levels of solutions introduces a way to design it with the accessibility of elegantly rounded corners. Users need to find out the newly introduced features of this beautiful device. Some of the most prominent features are the following:

  • An exciting feature that captures your face muscle movements
  • Face Recognition to Unlock Device
  • OLED Display that seems edgy
  • Three Lens Camera
  • Wireless Charger

These are some excellent options that come with the arrival of the brand-new device from the tech giant Apple. For sure, it’s an enjoyable thing for users to follow.

Note: Get a Brand New iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, or XR direct from Apple Factory. So, get ready to get your new Free iPhones No Catch by merely filling out your details and Win a Free iPhone!

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Difference Between iPhone X and XS

Should you purchase an iPhone XS or have used iPhone X?

  • If you’re an iPhone X user and are looking for an upgrade version, but don’t want to spend approximately $1000 bucks on upgraded versions, then you should need to know that XR is the device offering the same technologies at the affordable price.
  • A quick search on Amazon or eBay confirms that you can find a used iPhone X for almost $750, the price for a 64GB iPhone XR.
  • You need to know that the comparison isn’t between two apple devices as XR serves as a brand new device, while the X is considering as two years old.
  • There are several numbers of benefits that you can experience after having the said phone.

Introduction of OLED Retina Display

  • Firstly, the display of iPhone X is much impressive with almost 458 pixels per inch as compared to iPhone XR with 326ppi.
  • The display of the iPhone 6 Plus is much sharper than the XR density of 401ppi.
  • Already mentioned above, the iPhone X uses OLED display Retina technology, so the coloring effects are cool than LCD, which releases with iPhone XR.
  • The exciting thing is that Apple has mixed 3D Touch technology with iPhone XR, instead of introducing Force-pressing icon, User-interface assets, and web links.
  • You will have to use a long-press to access the additional menu features and items.
  • There is something that everyone loves about iPhone X and XS is that the stainless steel chassis. The apple company brings this grippy along with aluminum feel that can’t replicate.

Built-in Rear-Facing Camera

If you’re a diehard iPhone fan, you may know that,

  • The XR version has an only single built-in rear-facing camera, while X generation has two camera lenses.
  • It means you won’t be able to get that camera features on the first device. Despite having one camera lens, the XR version is capable of capturing Portrait Mode thanks to a mixture of custom-tuned hardware and software.
  • iPhone XR has the same depth control features as the iPhone XS.


Video Recording Feature

  • The new version comes with improved video recording features as well, with stereo recording and a higher dynamic range of zooming while shooting a video at up to 30 FPS.
  • The improvement wasn’t only made in the back camera, but the front camera also. Using the front camera, you can easily record videos with HDR feature at 60 FPS.
  • iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are likely to be 4.7 and 5.5 in screen sizes. Besides that, the main differences are small.
  • Both devices are supported by the brand new Retina display with over one million pixels presented on the screen when compared to prior generation iPhone devices.
  • Both models are equipped with A8 Chip that consumes approximately 50% less energy and is a hundred times faster.
  • The devices are loaded with next-generation M8 motion coprocessor that is capable of calculating distance and elevation changes with the introduction of the newly introduced barometer.
  • No Human Verification is required for iPhone Giveaway 2020

We’re delighted to confirm a new iPhone giveaway so that this month will be exciting. If you’re reading this, then some possibilities are that you will be the winner of a brand new iPhone. You can easily participate in testing your fortune by merely filling out the form, which requires only two minutes with no human verification. If you have ever dreamt of having an iPhone, you should participate and put your luck to test.

New iPhone Giveaway 2020

You would be happy to know that we’re offering stylish iPhone models for free to those limited lucky winners who participate in our gift contest and remain active on our social platforms as well, following both Twitter and Facebook Accounts.

There’s no time to waste, so hurry up friends as this is a limited time offer since the iPhone smart device is rare and has a few numbers in the market. With the fair contest, the winning possibility of followers will automatically increase. As said above, the iPhone has incredible features, including a professional level camera and an impressive level of performance. Having all the essential features like a dream come true of Apple fans.

Let’s Get Started

There’s no hustle of completing assigned tasks or fulfill the requirements to claim a free phone. The thing you need to do by merely filling out your details like Email address and your name, along with following our YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Without any human verification, it’s quite simple and incredibly impressive. Why you pay for a high-quality phone when you’re capable of winning the particular one for absolutely no cost?

Become the Prize Winner

While in the contest, you should need to follow the rules and complete the requirements to become the winner of an iPhone. You don’t need to add any confidential information to become a part of this contest. The only things you have to add are your first and last name, current email, your cell phone number, and the address where you live with some other minor details. While completing the form, you need to be careful and made sure you have added accurate information. After that, get ready to answers several questions, while no human verification is required for the iPhones Giveaway Contest.

iPhone Giveaway


What’s the Prize?

Have you ever dream of recording 4K videos and capturing spectacular landscapes with three camera lenses? If your answer is yes, then get ready to take amazing photos in low light situations using the Night Mode of iPhone X. You will enjoy the real coloring effects in videos, photos, and video games with 6.1-inch Retina Display with no human verification iPhone Giveaway.

You know there are thousands of phones in the market, but no one able enough to compete against the iPhone. Therefore, because of its unique interface, operating system, and fast performance, people are crazy about this device. The company is releasing new generations speedily to engage a massive crowd of people.

If you are looking for a way to have an iPhone device, then you’re at the right place, where you may have the possibility to obtain a free iPhone with no verification. To do so, you merely need to become a part of the giveaway contest to enroll yourself.

How To Get an iPhone For Free?

We’re offering different models of iPhone developed and designed by Apple Company. If you’re one of those who are searching for Real Free iPhones Giveaways, consider yourself lucky after finding you here, because we’re one of those platforms that are here with iPhone Giveaway 2020. Never miss the chance to become an owner of the iPhone, because no one knows when they obtain this kind of opportunity again in the future. After applying, you should know that these Official iPhone Giveaway Rules bound you. The set rules are the following:

  • The free iPhone will be reached out within 4-7 business days.
  • Free iPhones you receive aren’t unlocked versions; however, you may select the carriers.
  • After confirming the winner’s name, the winner must require to make contact with us within three days; otherwise, the delivery will be canceled, and the winner can’t be able to claim it anymore.
  • Within a week, you have an opportunity to apply for a contest multiple times. You should know, the more tickets you generate, the chances of becoming a winner increase.
  • The Free iPhone Giveaway contest is subjected to terms and services and is associated with branding mentioned below. Termination of the program can be made without releasing any notice.
  • Although we didn’t set any rule of proving yourself a human, to avoid fake registrations and hacking attempts, you have to verify that you’re a human by completing a survey. As the given survey ends, your ticket number will be generated and emailed within a few moments.

Following the given rules you can partake in iPhone Giveaways

Before reaching out to the given terms and conditions, are you interested to know about some most exciting features that the iPhone boasts and you for sure not want to miss out? As you know that this brand is always in search of offering new cool features that boost their sales to the sky and amaze people with impressive technology. That’s the most prominent reason people are also willing to have this device at their hands.

Now, you don’t need to find out any other way to obtain a free iPhone, because we’re here to make your day. We would love to announce the name of several contestants who are selected for free iPhone. Here are some rules that you need to follow while becoming a part of our Apple iPhone Giveaway Contest.

  • Fill the form with your valid Details to start the iPhone Giveaway Contest
  • Comment on our iPhone Giveaway YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter Page
  • Share a Post on Facebook Page
  • Follow iPhones-Giveaway Facebook and Twitter Page
  • Share a Post on Twitter Platform
  • Follow our Twitter Page
  • Ensure to follow all given platforms; otherwise, you won’t be considered for the iPhones Giveaway.
  • Our Subscribers on YouTube will receive a bonus Chance
  • Follow announcements made on Content and Social Pages never to miss a chance of becoming a winner
  • Winners will be declared from the applications we receive, in addition to YouTube Comments, Facebook, and Twitter Followers.

How to avoid being scammed online?

As the use of the internet is increasing day by day, the ways of cheating users online have been improved. There are thousands of websites and programs are running across the internet, depending on you to purchase an account to enroll yourself for a free iPhone Giveaways contest.

You should try to keep yourself safe and avoid making any purchase on such kind of websites because they may misuse your confidential information or can share with someone else. You can stay safe from being scammed by following some rules that we are offering. First, you don’t need to make any purchase while you can get the same opportunity as absolutely free. In short, why you pay when you have this for free.

Before placing an order, make sure the site where you are going to create an account or trying to enroll yourself for a free iPhone Giveaway, is authentic and trusted. The best to know about the valid site is the reviews of its users. The right product will always have some positive reviews and opinions of the customers.

So, read reviews if the website is demanding to add a credit card. Don’t add any personal information or install any extension offered by the said websites. It may contain a virus that steals your data or hacks your computer.

Become an Owner of iPhone X

Your dream is going to be accurate as you may be the winner of our contest. After reading enough, you better know that what you will get after being declared from us as the winner – yes, iPhone X. Win a beautifully crafted brand new iPhone from our website. We would love to see a smartphone at your hands; therefore, we’re here with an excellent opportunity for you guys to test your luck in our fair contest, maybe the next winner is you?

Never give up is the key to success. Getting failed doesn’t mean you can’t apply for free iPhone again, you can apply as many times as you want. The more you apply, the more chances you obtain to win. To ensure your victory, you should need to follow all the terms and conditions carefully. Don’t miss this opportunity as it is a limited time offer and will be ended without any notice already mentioned above.

iPhone Giveaway


Visit the website to register yourself on the list of those people who are considering them lucky. Follow our terms and conditions that apply to the iPhone X Giveaways. The person won’t be regarded as eligible for the free iPhone, who didn’t make any activity on our social media platforms. We would love to grant you free phones once got your name from our system and will be back within no time to give you a piece of good news you are waiting for. To register yourself in our system, you require the following:

  • First and Last Name
  • Registered Email Address
  • Contact Number

Unlike other iPhone Giveaways, we are offering free iPhones with no surveys or offers. In short, there is no need to complete any surveys while registering yourself for the contest. Try to keep active with our announcement page for the latest news and winner names. Winners need to contact us within a few days for confirmation; otherwise, the delivery will be ended, and the winner won’t receive any product from us. Follow our all social pages to keep you update with every latest news as we will share some crispy posts over there for fun.

Never miss an opportunity to have such a great piece of technology while test your destiny to confirm how lucky you are. Try to increase the chances of your victory by applying again and again. We love technology and would like to see a beautiful phone at your hands as it is fully-featured phone comes with high definition two camera lens and fast performance than others. Complete the given conditions to unlock the rest available.

All mentioned terms and conditions that you have to follow for taking part in the giveaway of iPhone devices. So, try to grab this opportunity as soon as possible, because it’s a limited time offer.